Belvedere Torso

The Belvedere Torso from the Bargue course (charcoal on paper,  26″ x 19″).


Antiochus Cast Drawing
Antiochus Cast Drawing

Antiochus cast drawing (charcoal on paper, 26″ x 19″). This was my first cast drawing!


Charcoal on paper, 26" x 19"
Madonna Cast Drawing

Madonna cast drawing (charcoal on paper, 26″ x 19″).



Cast drawing set-up. The approach used at the Atelier is known as sight-size. The cast and the drawing are placed beside each other. One steps back a few feet to a fixed position to compare the drawing to the cast. Through a process of drawing, comparison, and correction, the work gradually progresses. The objective is to learn to see values (degrees of black and white), shapes, and become familiar with the medium. Charcoal is a great medium because it gives a full range of values and is easily erased when a correction is needed.


San Benedetto Cast Drawing
San Benedetto Cast Drawing

The finished drawing. San Benedetto cast drawing (charcoal on paper, 26″ x 19″).


Laocoon Cast Drawing

The Laocoon, chalk and charcoal on toned paper (26″ x 19″). This was an experiment with Conte chalk and charcoal. The chalk was used to draw the light values (the opposite of usual charcoal drawings, in which the white paper provides the light values). Charcoal was used to provide values darker than the paper. The paper in this case is a blue Canson mi-teinte.

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