Two deserts: Tucson and Palm Desert

A business meeting followed by a few days of vacation in the southwest in mid-February was a great opportunity to shoot some photos in the desert. We were in Tucson, Az and Palm Desert, Ca.

Here are some shots from the desert around Tucson, taken on Ilford Pan F Plus 50 with a K2 filter at f/11, on my Leica M-A with Summilux 50 mm f/1.4 Asph.

Palm Desert, California, has a lot of so-called “snowbirds”, meaning people who move there in the winter to escape the cold weather of the northern States. Many of these are older, retired people. Here are some shots from a local fair. These were taken on Kodak TMax 100. The fair was interesting to photograph because the light varied between full daylight (shot at f/11 with a K2 filter) and a lot of shade from the stalls (shot at f/2-2.8 with the filter). I found myself dialing up and down between small and wide apertures as I took these.

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Author: Anthony Killeen

I am a photography enthusiast and painter in Minneapolis, MN.

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